Sulfur dioxide So2

Sulfur dioxide So2

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Leveraging on our rich industrial expertise and renowned vendors, we have been able to provide reliable Sulfur dioxide - So2. Owing to it's antimicrobial properties, this is hugely used as a preservative in alcoholic drinks, or dried apricots and other dried fruits.
  • In the presence of water, Sulfur dioxide - So2 can decolorize the substances.
  • This is used in the making of wine.
  • It acts as an antioxidant and antibiotic.
  • It effectively protects wine from spoilage organisms, bacteria, and oxidation, and thus, helps to keep volatile acidity at desirable levels.
Product Details:
Molecular Weight 64.063 Kg/ kmol
Boiling Point (bar) 10.0 C
Purity 95.5%
Shape Cylindrical